Fishing with Gwilym Hughes

August 15, 2011

Its often hard to know what it will be like fishing with a legend. But fishing with Gwilym Hughes was an absolute pleasure.  He is a true genius on the river!  He never fished the Suir before, but boy did he know how to deal with it. The Suir is by no means an easy river, with picky wild fish - and now with very low water conditions.  His approach would be different to mine, so I was interested to see how he did it. His long leader and downstream dry fly worked a treat, bringing fish up in areas that I would have only expected a nymph to work. We fished on the Suir near Cahir and also on the river Nire, trying lots of different techniques all of which proved fruitful.  As for Gwilym, you would have to be up early to beat a guy like him. He is an excellent all round angler and it was a real pleasure showing him around some of our great rivers. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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