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Grilse have arrived!

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I have been guiding for almost 15 years and I have to say that on Tuesday I maybe, just maybe I have guided the luckiest client in my career!  I was out with Duncan Shadwell from Wales. He was keen to try for a salmon... I was sure we hadn't a hope in hell as catches have been poor due to low water conditions. We did have a little bit of rain the night before which brought the tiver up a few inches.  We decided what the hell lets give the double hander a go for an hour or so.  After getting the hang of casting, he fished into one of hot spots on Roxborough and hooked a nice grilse of 4/5 lbs. His first salmon ever!   Then we headed to the Nire to see if we could get some dry fly action for trout. It was up 6/8 inches from the rain the night before. The trout were going mental for a really thick hatch of black gnats.  A great morning fishing with a great guy!  Hope you enjoy your new Guideline Fario rod Duncan![gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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