Wet Wading

July 12, 2013

Its not often we get such a heatwave in Ireland, but the past few days have given us temperatures up to 30C!  These are abnormally hot temperatures for us and its been a few years since we have had anything remotely like this. Wet wading is a rare occurrence in Ireland as water and air temperatures are normally so low. In the last few days we have been able to wet wade fishing with just wading boots and shorts. Ideal for cooling down in these high temperatures! The fishing has slowed down during the day as the bright sunshine tends to drive fish to the bottom, however we have been managing to get some fish in the faster water using tiny nymphs and very fine leaders.  Clients who has some great fishing the past few days included Joe Hickey who caught some amazing fish using size 22 nymphs. Rory Burgess Jr and Rory Burgess Snr from Dublin also had some great fishing using tiny nymphs.  Having such low water makes the fishing tough, but you can see the fish which makes for some amazing sight fishing. [gallery link="file" columns="6"]

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