Low Water - Excellent for Dry Fly!

September 02, 2013

Water levels are the lowest that I have seen in 25 years and even talking to local anglers some of them reckon its the lowest it has been in 50 years!  I havent been around that long, but the water is very low. Gary O'Hagen and his son David had some amazing fishing over the past few days. Water was low, but they are excellent anglers and managed to get quite a few large fish over the past few days.  With the water so low stealth is essential so long leaders and delicate casts are essential.  David managed to get one fish of over 4 lbs on tiny nymphs.  The fish are easy to spot in the low water but tempting this has not been easy. We are hoping for some rain towards the end of this week.  The rivers badly need some fresh water, so fingers crossed it will come! [gallery link="file" columns="6"]

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