River Course 26 April

April 30, 2014

P1000860   Last saturday we held our first river course of the year. We had some heavy rain in the morning which brought the rivers up quite high. However we did manage to get on for a few hours going through techniques and river craft. The morning began with some wet conditions on our casting ponds covering basic casting skills then moving on to more advanced casts including single and double haul. Then to Melodys pub for a hearty lunch! In the afternoon we moved to the river which was running very high from the night before and mornings rain. It was not in good condition to fish, but we did manage to go through some river techniques. Our next river course is on the 15 June so lets hope for some better weather then!   [gallery ids="2876,2877,2878,2879,2880,2881,2882,2883,2884,2885,2886,2887,2888,2889,2890"]

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