German Genius

May 14, 2014

Today I was out with German client Fabian and what a morning we had.  Fabian is an excellent angler and was taught to cast by Christopher Rownes, and it shows, he is well able to get a tight loop and present a fly. In Fabians fishing career today was a red letter day as he landed his biggest ever trout, just touching 55 cm (21.5 inches!). The was fishing with a dry and dropper combo and had already landed one nice fished and missed a few more. He cast it perfectly behind the bush where we had seen some fish rising, then the klinkhammer went down and we knew we had a good fish, but how good we were not sure. Then after it powered up and down the pool we know we had a good one.... We managed to land, measure and release it. After this we had several more nice fish on dries. The warmer weather is really helping hatches at the moment. There are a lot of black gnats, grannom, hawthorne and a few olives on the water. Prospects are really good for the next few days Below are a few images from today... [gallery ids="2938,2937,2936,2935,2934,2933,2932,2931,2930,2929,2928"]  

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