Just what the Doc ordered

June 22, 2014

Tom 'Doc'  Sullivan lands a fish of a lifetime. Last night Stevie Munn, Ian Gordon, Tom Doc Sullivan, Kevin Shone and myself (Andrew Ryan) went out to fish the evening rise on the Suir.  Tom had been looking forward to this for weeks as he had never fished the famous river.  It was cracking evening with high temperatures and really muggy - perfect conditions. We went and fished at our own private beat at Roxborough. The rise was slow to get going, and not that many fish were moving.  This can be the case with evening fishing sometimes the fish are just not on. We decided to moved to the top of the beat to see if we could see any fish rising on the flats. On our way I spotted a large fish breaking the surface.  Toms rod was at the ready and he had a cast or too no joy.. then the fish rose again a few feet further up. So he had another cast or two. Then both Ian and I heard Tom shouting "I have him!".  We know he was a good fish maybe 2/3 lbs then he jumped.. my god he was 6 or 7 lbs maybe even 8! Tom landed the fish of a lifetime with great skill... What an achievement to land such an amazing fish on a tiny dry fly [gallery ids="3070,3071,3072,3073,3074,3075,3076"]

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