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Ireland's Largest Range of Fly Fishing Gear | Same day shipping | Call us +353526136765 | Open to the Public 10am to 5pm

Gulff Duck Floatant CDC

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by Gulff

It´s time to revolutionise the market!

Duck the Floatant is a fly floatant using brand new technology developed by the Gulff laboratory. Its properties outdo conventional floatants by far.

As the names imply, the General version of the product is intended for general use, and it is suitable for nearly all flies, while the CDC version is particularly designed for CDC materials and other sensitive natural materials. Unlike other floatants, this new floatant is silicone-free, and it is also free of any substances that are hazardous to waters. The refined three-substance complex ensures long floating times. The floatantsproperties and crystal-clear colour also enhance the original colours of the fly. Gulff´s chemists have developed the floatant in collaboration with Swedish and Finnish surface fly fishing experts and social media influencers, as well as product safety consultants.

Product safety: The product includes all applicable safety labels and warnings for users, as well as a childproof cap, as required by the EU and international chemical regulations. Currently, Gulff is the only brand that explicitly communicates and adheres to all product safety requirements. Under the cap, there is a thin applicator for precise application no more sticky flies!

How to use the product: Apply the floatant on the fly and let it absorb for a while. Wipe any extra floatant off the fly. Use the fly for fishing as normal. If the fly goes beneath the surface, for example when fishing in rapids or waking, lift it back up with a small twitch of the rod. The fly will keep floating as before. Depending on the fly and the time spent fishing, the fly may be ready to use even on the following day without needing to re-apply floatant.