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Guideline NT11 Range - Now in stock!

Guideline NT11 Range - Now in stock!

Andrew Ryan |

During August 2022 I was lucky enough to fish on the river Orkla river at the incredible Grindal Lodge. The weekend was organised by Guideline to launch the NT11 range of rods - trout and salmon models During the course of my trip I was able to fish with and test the new NT11 rods. I could test all models with various line configurations, cast them and fish with them for a few days - really getting to know these rods. I put them through there paces, testing their ability to cast, play fish and generally fish. They performed incredibly well and what really struck me was how easy they are to fish with. These rods are epic! Smooth, crisp and powerful, they are everything you need in a fly rod! www.flyfishingireland.com