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Dry fly in March

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Today was the first day this season I managed to get out on the river.  I missed opening day and opening week due to the flu.. the first time in many years that I haven't been out on opening day.  I was itching to get out, so I was out on the river today with regular client Gerry and fellow guide Kevin. The weather was pleasant mid morning with some good sunshine so we went to the river Nire and we looked over the bridge we saw several trout rising, not big ones but rising all the same.  Gerry put on an Adams and a 5X leader and had a cast.  Third cast he was into a fish, not huge about 8 inches, but his first of the season.  2 casts later he was into another fish about the same size... then they stopped rising. We had a few more small fish on nymphs in the fast water, with Kevin also getting quite a few hook ups.  It is great to be on the water again, it was a long winter and it is so good to have the rivers finally open again. Was nice to test some new gear today too, we had the Hardy Jet rod in an 8ft 6 # 4 line, which is amazing and the new Simms Guide waist packs.. really handy on the river! [gallery ids="2850,2851,2852,2853,2854"]

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