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Mixed weather and Mixed Fishing

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The last week has given us a bit of a mixed bag of fishing. The weather has been very unsettled with a mix of warm sunshine and really heavy thunder showers. Anglers from Germany, France, Holland, UK and USA have had some good fishing but it has been difficult.  The water levels have been fluctuating quite a bit with sometimes high water due to really heavy showers. However we did manage some really good fishing for clients this week.  With Jim Brady from the US having an amazing day with his guide.  Ben and Paul from the Uk also had a great day - their first on the river!  Paul Moinester also had some nice fishing and tried to hook one of the largest brown trout he had ever seen! The river Suir is still a little high and the dry fly and evening fishing has not taken off yet. I expect that we should have much better evening fishing and hatches in the coming weeks.  Last year the best of the evening fishing was in July and August with warm days leading to huge hatches. Salmon are also starting to move.  It has been a very slow start to the Salmon season on the Suir with very few fish being landed so far, however reports from along the river are very promising the last few days with more fish being landed and seen. [gallery ids="3001,3002,3003,3004,3005,3006,3007,3008"]

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