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Warm weather improving Fishing

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The high temperatures of the las few days have really improved fishing conditions.  Prior to this water levels were very high and the water temperature was low.  Hatches have greatly improved too, with some good evening fishing being reported on the Suir and Tributaries. Peter Bak from the US had an excellent day landing a good number of fishing on NZ style. Lots of fish rising and several were caught on dry fly. Prospects for the next few weeks are excellent as these high temperatures really help insect hatches.  There is still plenty of water in the rivers and they are not dropping that fast due to such heavy rain this spring. With the bright sunshine it is important to fish longer leaders and finer tippet.  Smaller flies are also important as fish become much more wary in these conditions. [gallery ids="3040,3042,3045,3046,3050,3052,3053,3056,3058,3060,3062,3063,3064,3065,3066,3067"]

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