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Ireland's Largest Range of Fly Fishing Gear | Same day shipping | Call us +353526136765 | Open to the Public 10am to 5pm

Airflo Sixth Sense Fast Int Lines - NEW

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by Airflo

Product Description


Stillwater Flyfishing has a very specific set of demands on the angler, most importantly, the ability to control depth is paramount to success with fish holding and feeding at very specific zones in the water column subject to the stage of a particular hatch or the activity of the primary food source at any given point in time.

Having a set of lines that allow you to effectively match sink speeds and retrieve style to hold your imitations at the fish’s feeding level for longer will ultimately result in more chances of hooking fish.

Airflo Sixth Sense lines are synonymous with Still water fishing and feature a range of technology to make your time on the water more successful. In the invisible underwater world where you have to feel for every take, Airflo’s industry leading low stretch power cores allow you to feel every little jink and jive of the fly as it moves through the water being pursued by a hungry trout. Improved with new hang zone technology for 2019, the sinking and intermediate lines have multi coloured contrasting zones – the first 10’ a dark colour, the next 10’ a lighter colour allowing you to easily work the retrieve over a wider zone rather than specific 10’ and 20’ points and give complete control over the hang.


The next 20’ is dark and the contrasting lighter coloured running line allows you to work the rear of the head and gives you a great indication of the 40’ zone – the long hang.

Featuring Airflo’s Delta taper, the 48’ head is designed to cast teams of flies easily at mid to longer range casts without excessive hauling and without tangles.

All in all the new system casts smoother and gives you a huge range of control along the full length of the retrieve allowing the repeatability that is required for successful subsurface fishing.