Ewing Dry Fly Capes

Premium Ewing Genetic Rooster Hackle Capes are coming from USA from well known rooster breeder Ewing. The hackle is fine with very elastic barbs and thin and elastic stem. Practically Ewing farm provide rooster capes genetically selected to meet the first two "hot" demands : elastic stem with nice colored and elastic barbs. These capes provide the perfect balance between sizes of feathers. The cape has majority of feathers in range #12 and #14 and you will find also enough feathers in size #10 and #16 but a little bit with webbing in core. You will have even in size #6 for your big flies and bugger flies with nice soft web that will work and pulse in water. If you want to tie also flies down to size #24 then this cape will suit perfectly for these demands.
Ewing products are focused on grizzly and brown colors and for these reason the grizzly can be considered one of the best that you can find out on the market at this price!