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Ireland's Largest Range of Fly Fishing Gear | Still shipping as usual | Call us +353526136765 | Now Open to the Public Again!

Greys GTS 800 Fly Reel 9/10/11

by Greys
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Product Description


Greys GTS800 Fly Reel

As fly fishermen, we are continually learning by trying new gear, fishing different waters and making mistakes. That's how we grow and improve. It is this attitude that also drives Greys to push the boundaries of fishing tackle technology, design, and manufacturing. So when you buy a fly reel from Greys, it is not only great looking but also built to last.

The challenge is navigating the amount of choice. There are so many fly reels on the market which offer superior performance, lighter materials, simple spool release systems, and improved drag. Finding the right reel can be a struggle. However, the team at Greys put themselves in the angler's shoes and ask themselves the same questions.

One of the key demands of the fly angler when buying a fly reel is cosmetics - who doesn't want a sexy fly reel on their fly rod? But good looks go for nothing if the reel will let you down in those critical moments, potentially ruining your day or worse still, losing a fish of a lifetime. Therefore, high performance should be high on the agenda.

That's why the Pro Team at Greys are endlessly testing, and testing some more to ensure the product not only looks great and performs exceptionally but also helps you deliver to the best of your ability. One such reel that has received such treatment is the Greys GTS 800 Fly Reel

Greys GTS 800 Reel, joins a line of impressive fly reels in the GTS series, each one designed for a particular set of circumstances and fishing scenarios. The 800 features 6061 bar stock aluminium, so strength is guaranteed. 6061 is used extensively in aeronautical engineering, so it is one of the best materials for fishing tackle. It starts off life as a solid piece of aluminium until it is shaped by laithe and then finished by hand to resemble the model in production. And what's so special about Greys' reels is the amount of traditional skill and expertise that goes into each reel. Each component is assembled by hand and subject to a barrage of strict quality control checks to ensure the product is perfect.

Committed fly anglers are looking for quality and durability at a reasonable price point, and that's what the GTS series delivers. The 800 balances perfectly with most good quality fly rods and reduces stress on the casting arm. It is capable of withstanding the rigors of modern-day fly fishing and features vented side plates to reinforce the reel even further. The venting also gives the reel its distinguishable character and unique appearance so you can arrive at your fishing venue with a reel that exudes class and quality.

Of course, having a light, durable, and pretty looking reel is fantastic, but it still needs to stop fish. So the GTS800 is fitted with a Rulon disc drag system. Rulon is a hard-wearing, extremely high performing plastic which is excellent at dissipating heat. And because it can withstand high temperatures through friction, it doesn't degrade when the drag is engaged in some severe breaking. Think of the disc drag on a fly reel like the rubber breaks on a bicycle. To stop the bike, you apply pressure on the brake handle which engages the rubber break with the wheel. However because rubber doesn't withstand high temperatures, it wears down significantly. Rulon, in contrast, it far more efficient, so you can be confident that your fly reel discs are not going to wear down prematurely or otherwise warp from the constant friction and strain of fly fishing and fighting fish.

Most modern fly reels are now large arbor, and the GTS 800 falls into that category, for many good reasons. A large arbor reel can hold a generous amount of backing, so when you do engage with a hard fighting fish that decides to take long runs, you can be confident that you have plenty of backing to run into when the fish decides to take the whole line out. Large arbor also increases your retrieval rate per single turn, so you can reel your fly line in quicker when you need to move to a different spot, or indeed, land a fish. The reel also benefits from a quick release spool that is simple to operate and lets you swap fly lines in no time. For example, you may be fishing with a sink tip fly line one minute; a floater the next, therefore you need a quick system that lets you respond to the changing conditions and fly fishing circumstances. And when you are not using the reel, it comes with a handy neoprene pouch for protection.

There are three different models in the Greys GTS 800 range. The first of these is a WF5 reel, which is ideal for AFTM rated 5/6# fly lines. This is ideal for lightweight fly fishing on rivers and small Stillwaters. The WF7, model is suitable for an ATM 7/8# fly line. This is perfect for larger reservoirs, lakes, and Stillwaters where you need to fish bigger flies. And lastly, the WF10 has an AFTM rating of 9/10/11#, making it the most versatile performance piece in the range and ideal for Salmon fishing on the UK's great Salmon rivers.

Whatever type of venue you choose to fish, there is a fly reel in the GTS range to suit all budgets and abilities. However, if you want to go for a fly reel that looks stunning, is very durable, and exceptionally light, the GTS800 is an excellent choice and will complement your fly rod perfectly.


Key Features
  • Full 6061 bar stock construction
  • Vented side plates
  • Rulon disc drag system
  • Quick spool release
  • Large arbour design
  • Supplied in a neoprene pouch