Greys GX900 Salmon Reels


Greys GX900 Fly Reel

The GX900 reel offers the next step to the fisherman on the sucessful GX fly reel range. The new GX900 is made from full 6061 bar stock aluminium, that makes it very strong and very light. Available in a good range of sizes to suit all type of fly fishing from small brown trout to wild hard fighting salmon and super speed Bonefish. This reel has twin Rulon Disc Drag and large backing capacities that will help you land these fish with ease and deal with fast long runs.


  • Centralised twin Rulon disc drag
  • 6061 bar stock Aluminium construction
  • Tool less conversion from left to right hand wind
  • Large arbour design with captive spool release
  • Supplied with Neoprene Pouch
  • Sizes Available 2/3/4, 4/5/6, 6/7/8, 8/9/10, 10/11/12



GX900 Reel Tech Table
Size Weight Diameter Capacity
2/3/4 137g / 4.8oz 84mm / 3.32" WF3 + 55m 20lbs Dacron
4/5/6 148g / 5.2oz 93mm / 3.7" WF5 + 65m 20lb Dacron
6/7/8 159g / 5.6oz 100mm / 3.95" WF7 + 90m 30lb Dacron
8/9/10 209g / 7.4oz 109mm / 4.27" Mach 65 WF10 + 180m 30lb Dacron
10/11/12 221g / 7.8oz 117g / 4.59" Standard WF12 + 350m 30lb Dacron




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