Guideline Elevate Double Hand Fly Rods - NEW!

The lighter single hand models have a smooth, powerful action that accepts a wide variety of casting strokes and styles. Single-handed rods from line weight 6 and up have faster and more charged actions, offering a well defined recovery-kick during the cast.

The actions of the well-balanced and light double-handed rods are developed to suit a modern Scandinavian casting style with a short stroke range for effective and effortless fishing. The Elevate Series offers outstanding value for money and feature a performance hard to equal at this level. We produce these rods in the same factory as our premium Fario CRS rods and do incorporate construction know-how from that process into this Series as well. Hi Grade/ Hi Strain graphite in multiple strain rates offers low weight, fast recovery speed and durability.

Custom designed grips in 3A cork quality are assemmbled with lightweight reel seats. The frames on the stripping guides prevent excessive tangling and add to the cool look of the rods. We have opted for hard chrome single leg guides as we find them light strong and interfering marginally with the blank action. Delivered in a lightweight cordura tube with rod sock.
Model Rod Length Pcs Aftm         Weight Rec. Head Weigth
Elevate 12' # 7/8 12' 4 #7/8 201g 27-30g / 420-465 grains
Elevate 12'6 #8/9 12'6" 4 #8/9 221g 31-34g / 480-520 grains
Elevate 13'7 #8/9 13'7" 4 #8/9 225g 31-34g / 480-520 grain
Elevate 13'7 #9/10 13'7" 4 #9/10 232g 34-37g / 525-570 grains
Elevate 14'8 # 9/10 14'8" 4 #9/10 277g 34-37g / 525-570 grains
Elevate 14'8 # 10/11 14'8" 4 #10/11 290g 41-44g / 630-680 grains

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