Guideline FITS Tungsten Cones

This may seem like a traditional cone head, not much different from those already available on the market - but they sure are not! These extremely thin tungsten cones have several advantages. They have the traditional advantage of the weight concentrating properties in standard tungsten cones. The difference is they balance better in the water for their size. 

They create a perfect balance with SALAR tube hooks, no matter if you prefer double- or treble hooks. The shape of the cone makes it cut the water nicely. And they are so easy to tie with!

 X-small 2,5 x 6 mm 0,20 gram  X-small 2,5 x 4 mm 0,28 gram
 Small 3,0 x 8 mm 0,34 gram  Small 3,0 x 4,5 mm 0,41 gram
 Medium 3,5 x 10 mm 0,55 gram  Medium 3,5 x 5,0 mm 0,61 gram
 Large 4,5 x 12 mm 0,75 gram  Large 4,5 x 6,0 mm 0,86 gram


X-small: For use with medium outer tube and x-small and small cones.

Medium: Allround tube. A tube hook up to size 6 fits this tube very well.
Small: Fits with large tube and medium and large cones. Guideline treblehooks size 10 goes straight into the tube! Large: For larger tubes. Tube hooks up to size 2 is reccomended.
Colors: Fl. Orange, Fl.Yellow, Fl. Red, Fl. Chartreuse, Fl.Blue, Black.  
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