Guideline Reelmaster LA - 46 Trout

The long awaited ReelMaster LA is based on the design and drag system of our new Quadra fly reel. It raises the bar in high quality, die cast fly reels up another notch.

The first things you will notice are modern design and large arbor measurements, combined with low weight coupled with a foolproof disc drag and a high quality finish that will handle the most challenging fishing situations. Double Carbon discs provide for an even distribution of the drag pressure, ensuring a smooth running drag with plenty of settings for exact tuning. These reels feature a large outer diameters and a medium wide spool ensuring consistent drag pressures throughout a long run from strong fish. ReelMaster LA reels are sold "handed" as either right or left hand retrieve. The reels come in sizes; 46, 68 and 911. Color: Black anodized with polyurethane coating.

ReelMaster LA reels are matched with machined components and a pressure cast aluminum alloy spool and frame. The tempered main shaft along with a full frame and rim on the two larger sizes, provide the stability needed when battling it out with large trophy fish. The rim will also prevent thin shooting lines from entering between the spool and the housing, which sometimes causes problems when you least want them. A protective neoprene case is included with delivery.


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