Guideline SCANDI Heads

Completing the range of Guideline shooting heads, the SCANDI Lines fill the gap between the Compact and the Skagit lines perfectly. These Shooting Heads are developed based on the successful Compact tapers, but have longer head lengths to suit fishing in medium to large rivers and also to work even better with longer rods. They feature the efficient Triple-D concept with three densities that create better line control and lift off from the water.

Floating Float/Hover/S1

This floater has a noticeable weight distribution towards the back half, which makes it load easily. It turns over long leaders and tracks well during longer casts, even in windy conditions. The density of this floater makes it sit a little lower in the surface, a feature which prevents it from getting pushed around by surface currents and improves casting performance.
Color: 1 m. Fluoro orange/Lichen Green.
This line is based on the clear blue Power Taper, widely regarded as a classic and featuring some improvements. A great line when you want to fish the first 3 feet of the water column. A buoyant floating back end will help you control drift and improving control and presentation. The tip will sink at a speed of 20 seconds/meter.
Color: 1 m. Fluoro Orange/Clear Blue.


The S1/S2 density combination is one of our most popular of all time. A great slow sinking line for fishing in the medium depth range. The Scandi design with the short Intermediate back end makes this line easy to handle. The tip will sink at a speed of 13 seconds/meter and the double density sink portions make the line sink uniformly.
Color: 1 m. Fluoro Orange/Mint/Dark Grey.
The modern version of a “regular sinking line”, but with the added benefits of Double Density compensation in the sinking sections and a short intermediate for better handling during the swing and lift off. The S3 part of the line sinks at 10 seconds/meter. Like the line above, this line casts far and with great stability in the air.
Color: 1 m. Fluoro Orange/Fudge Brown/Dark Grey.


This is the line you should choose when you need to fish closer to the bottom, or when you need a bit more sink speed to keep the line down in strong currents. It has proven to be a very popular density in the Compact version, when targeting “cold” spring sea trout or salmon in faster, heavier water flows. It has a sink rate of 8 seconds/meter in the S4 part.
Color: 1 m. Fluoro Orange/Dark Blue/Dark Grey.
One of the fastest sinking lines in the range, based on the standard set in our original Double Density Power Tapers. It has been and will continue to be in this latest design one of the very popular sink rates for successful salmon and sea trout anglers who have the skills to control fast sinking lines well. Sinks at 6,5 seconds per meter.
Color: 1 m. Fluoro Orange/Bright Grey/Black.


Your line for getting down, deep and fast. A very productive line in cold water or when fish are lying deep in holding pools and won’t move very far to take a fly. This line works very well for early season Sea Trout but also in the strong currents of the west Norwegian salmon rivers. It will sink at a fast 5,5 seconds/meter in the tip. Yet, the short length and the Intermediate back part make it easy to pull out of the water.
Color: 1 m. Fluoro Orange/Dark Grey/Black.
This is the fastest sinking line we make. It replaces the popular Short Cut lines that featured a very fast sinking 6/7 line in the range. Thin profile helps it cut fast and efficiently though the water and take your fly down right to the nose of fish that lie deep and won’t come up to take a fly. Sinks at 4,5 seconds per meter.
Color: 1 m. Fluoro Orange/Black.

Line specifications

Floating Float/Hover/Sink1 (Sink Rate 20 sec./meter)
Model Weight Total Length Model Weight Total Length
7/8 DH 27 gr 10,7 m 7/8 DH 27 gr 10,5 m
8/9 DH 31 gr 11,20 m 8/9 DH 31 gr 11,00 m
9/10 DH 36 gr 11,70 m 9/10 DH 36 gr 11,50 m
110/11 DH 42 gr 12,20 m 10/11 DH 42 gr 12,00 m
Intermediate/Sink1/Sink2 (Sink Rate 13 sec./meter) Intermediate/Sink2/Sink3 (Sink Rate 10 sec./meter)
7/8 DH 27 gr 10,5 m - - -
8/9 DH 31 gr 11,00 m 8/9 DH 31 gr 10,80 m
9/10 DH 36 gr 11,50 m 9/10 DH 36 gr 11,30 m
10/11 DH 42 gr 12,00 m 10/11 DH 42 gr 11,80 m
Intermediate/Sink3/Sink4 (Sink Rate 8 sec./meter) Intermediate/Sink4/Sink5 (Sink Rate 6,5 sec./meter)
8/9 DH 31 gr 10,80 m 8/9 DH 31 gr 10,80 m
9/10 DH 36 gr 11,30 m 9/10 DH 36 gr 11,30 m
10/11 DH 42 gr 11,80 m 10/11 DH 42 gr 11,80 m
Intermediate/Sink5/Sink6 (Sink Rate 5,5 sec./meter) Intermediate/Sink6/Sink7 (Sink Rate 4,8 sec./meter)
8/9 DH 31 gr 10,80 m 8/9 DH 31 gr 10,80 m
9/10 DH 36 gr 11,30 m 9/10 DH 36 gr 11,30 m
10/11 DH 42 gr 11,80 m 10/11 DH 42 gr 11,80 m