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Ireland's Largest Range of Fly Fishing Gear | Same day shipping | Call us +353526136765 | Open to the Public 10am to 5pm

Guideline ULS Multi-Tip WF

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ULS WF Multi Tip is the “missing link” in our ULS concept. Basically, we have taken our ULS Multi Tip body and transformed it into a full WF line by adding back taper, handling- and running line. This line will come in very useful when you fish slow flowing or still water and need to retrieve and fish your fly right back to your boat side or your feet without being interrupted by the loop to loop connection hitting the rod tip guide. This line is not just a line, it’s a concept, perfectly suited for Salmon- and Seatrout fishing in small and medium sized rivers. Or do you need a tactical weapon for your streamer fishing for Trout, Perch and Rainbow in lakes and rivers? This is a multi-purpose solution that suits these types of fishing as well. The lines have a double classification, the one you should choose depends on the recommended casting weight on your rod and of course your own preferences. As a guideline, a #5/6 line fits perfect on a #5 Guideline rod if you are mainly Spey casting. Use the same line on a #6 rod if you use various types of casts, including overhead during your fishing.




The head of this line has the same taper as our ULS Multi Tip Body. This means that the first 3,0 meters / 10 feet of the head can be changed into different tips of various densities. These are sold separately except for the Floating tip that comes with the line. Our standard ULS 10’/4 gram Tips in various sink rates fit perfectly on this line and can be purchased separately. If you want to experiment, the Compact/Xchange tips in 12’/6 gram version will also work, especially on the two heaviest line sizes, #7/8 & #8/9.


The line has a 1,0 m/3 feet back taper which transforms into a comfortable 3,0 meters long ”Handling Line” before the thinner running line kicks in. The Pale Yellow color of the running line extends half way up onto the back taper and indicates the correct line length to keep outside the rod tip for the ultimate rod load when casting. Our advanced TLT (Triple Layer Technology) is controlling both hardness of the coating as well as the buoyancy in various parts of the line. Noticeable in the tip area and also in the harder, more durable and slick handling- and running line.


The color of the head is Sky Blue with Sunrise Yellow handling- and shooting line. Head Length including 3,0 m Interchangeable tip and 1,0 meter back taper: #5/6 & 6/7 - 7,0 m, #7/8 & 8/9 - 7,5 m. Total length 25,0 m/82 feet in #5/6 & 6/7 and 27,5 m/90 feet in #7/8 & 8/9. Like all our lines, it has a factory looped front and back ends and a laser ID marking in the tip area. It features our Direct Contact Core with only 6% stretch for ultimate energy transfer during casting and bite detection on long distance.



TLT (Triple Layer Technology) & Direct Contact Core
Complex, multiple density and hardness in the coatings of these lines help to shape the flylines of the future. A new, revolutionary chemical formula and three different coating materials control hardness as well as memory and density in various parts of the lines. This creates better casting performance, more efficient fishing and bite detection, as well as added durability. TLT has given us the chance to build lines that float well and repel water better and more effectively than any lines we’ve produced before. Built on braided multifilament Direct Contact Core with only 6% stretch.