Hanak H100BL Dry Fly Competition Fly Hooks

Perfect hook for medium to small dries. Super sharp and extremely strong.

  • Straight eye
  • Fine wire
  • Perfect bend
  • Extra long needle point
  • Barbless
  • Color: Black Nickel
  • 25 per pack

    About Hanak Competition Hooks:

    Hanak Competition hooks are the result of long term development in cooperation with the major czech competition fly fisherman Ja Ja Sram, Vladimir Sedivy and Vit Misar. Thair exceptional shape and design, greatly increases the success of hooking and getting the fish under control. Thanks to the barbless design, they are easy on fish and the angler. They are constructed of high carbon steel with and extra long, super sticky needlepoint. This is the hook of choice for the Czech Fly Fishing Team for a reason, they are the finest competition hook made!!

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