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Ireland's Largest Range of Fly Fishing Gear | Same day shipping | Call us +353526136765 | Open to the Public 10am to 5pm

Hardy Demon Sintrix Double Hander Fly Rods

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by Hardy

There are many fly rods on the market, each with their distinctive features. Some brands have harnessed the power of science to create a blank that is far superior to anything else on the market. Some can make the rod blank stronger but offer a significant weight reduction. Others have utilised state of the art, military grade carbon materials found in aircraft or ships. The ultimate goal is the same, to provide the angler with an ability to cast longer, more accurate loops with less energy.

Pick up any fly rod, give it a wiggle, and you can feel significant differences. It is a matter of preference, but the ability to control the rod tip is one of the critical facets of fly casting. As the fly rod flexes, it stores energy. In the back cast, it is the weight of the fly line that bends the rod and this power is transmitted into the fly line. Your job as a fly caster is to stop the rod efficiently on the forward cast to allow that energy to send the fly line where you want it to go. Eventually, that rod tip has to recover back to its neutral position where no forces are bending it. The definition of this is called the rod's action or 'recovery rate.' Essentially, an excellent recovery rate of the rod tip creates less wobble in the fly line as you forward cast, therefore, letting you create more fly line speed and more capacity to cast a greater distance.

Hardy have taken this principle to the highest level with the Hardy Demon Sintrix Double Handed Fly Rod. They have developed the revolutionary Sintrix 330 material which utilises nanoparticles in the resin that covers the carbon fibres in your fly rod. Under normal conditions, when a rod bends under compression, it is the resin that holds the carbon fibres in place. However, there comes the point when the resin is unable to maintain the integrity of the rod blank, and the rod can snap. Sintrix 330 solves this problem. The nanoparticles in the 330 form a network or matrix around the blank, and when extreme forces exert themselves on the rod through bending, they create a protective mesh and hold the carbon fibres together.

With this discovery comes excellent benefits to the angler so Hardy has fully redesigned blanks that offer lighter weight and faster recovery. The Demon is manufactured in Sintrix 330 for increased strength to weight ratio and improved in hand balance. In the double hand series, you can expect up to a 30% increase in compressive strength over traditional carbon fibre. This is especially important if you are tussling with a big Salmon on a big massive Salmon river such as the Dee, Spey or Tay.

This range of rods covers every eventuality. For small rivers, there is an 11ft #7/8 weight which is perfect for casting small singles and doubles in tight spots that don't require long casting. Alternatively, the 14ft9 for an #10/11 is ideal for bigger waters, and a wide variety of Spey casts including Snap T, Circle C, Single Spey and Double Spey casts.

As double handers go, the Demon is cosmetically stunning, excellent value for money and offers superb performance. What can you expect? Well, you can get high recovery, engraved metal end caps, custom aluminium rod tube, bar stock 6061 aluminium reel seat with alloy or hardwood insert, Fuji guides, Hardy's proprietary Sintrix 330 blank and a full range of rods to cover all double hand casting techniques. You also get stunning clean cosmetics including a metallic olive blank, custom reel seat and high-quality hardware. What's not to like about this rod? You will struggle to find fault.

Handling is a pleasure thanks to the AAAA grade cork handle that increases sensitivity but feels comfortable in hand. The shaping of the butt section makes it easy for you to pull the rod into your body when using a fulcrum style technique and the upper part of the handle is shaped for optimal comfort.

If you are a Salmon angler, this range of rods will be a different experience for you. Casting will seem more effortless and you will feel more power - especially when playing fish.


  • SINTRIX® 330 blank construction
  • Fuji guides
  • Easy loading high recovery blank design
  • Bar stock 6061 aluminium reel seat with Alloy or hard wood insert
  • Supplied in a custom aluminium tube with engraved metal end caps