Hardy Zephrus Sintrix Saltwater SWS Fly Rod

Product Description


The salt is a world of extremes, encompassing the whole spectrum of fly rod challenges in one beautiful but harsh and unrelenting theatre; its inhabitants display all the traits of their home from the paranoid nervousness of the Bonefish to the thuggish, raw power fo the GT.

Whatever you chase from Permit to Pollack and every species in between, there is absolutely no room in the salt for anything other than an absolute game changer.

Zephrus SWS with SINTRIX® 440 technology takes the multi award winning, record breaking Proaxis blank design to the next level of saltwater evolution. More feel, more power, more strength, more refinement and even more of a match for the ultimate fly rod challenge - pick one up and change your game for good.

As part of the SWS or "Saltwater Series", the Zephrus SWS is a truly hardcore rod designed to meet the challenges of the saltwater environment head on. The rods feature heavy duty fixtures and fittings including extra large guides, heavy duty salt safe reel seats and enlarged fighting butts. The Zephrus SWS series also doubles as a range of thoroughly outstanding Predator rods.