Regal Medallion Vise Stainless Steel Jaws & Bronze Pocket Base

All Regal vices are American made of the highest quality components to exacting standards to give you a lifetime of use. The Regal design is one of the quickest and most efficient tying vices ever made. To use simply squeeze the lever and drop the hook into the jaw held solidly in the vice with no wiggling there's no need to adjust the tension the for hook sizes! No cams, no adjusting, just squeeze and drop!

The Stainless Steel Jaws on these Medallion vises from Regal are the smallest profile jaws in the Regal range. Manufatured from heat-treated stainless steel that maintains its durability despite a profile that can accomodate hook sizes from Sz32 to Sz2.

The Medallion Vice is available with 4 base options: C-Clamp, Traditional Bronze Pedestal, Bronze Pocket base with slots for materials, and the Travel Base.

Each Regal Medallion Series Vice rotates 360 degrees and pivots 220 degrees up and down.