Scientific Anglers

RIO iLine

A brand new concept in fly line design, built by request and with help from some of the Country's leading anglers and Instructors alike. 

The iLine head is relatively short, so loading the rod quickly/at short range is easier. Thinner, extra slick running line ensures that the compact head flies fast and long range casts are possible. 

The taper design compromises superbly between both anchored (roll,spey) and overhead casts: generating more load and increased line speed in roll casts yet remaining stable in flight. Through it's size range, the iLine P1 has merit for river trout, sea-trout, small Stillwater and Cold saltwater anglers alike: in fact anyone who wants to manoeuvre line quickly and efficiently, and without the need for a large back-casting space. 

The line is of course manufactured with RIO's latest high tech coatings:

  • XS Technology for a super slick, dirt repelling coating

  • AgentX for an ultra smooth surface and high floating running line

  • Super Floatation Technology that creates a high fl oating tip. 

The line also features RIO's DualTone colour concept to easily show the angler the perfect loading point for each line size. A welded loop on both ends makes for easy rigging and fast leader changes.