July 12, 2017

Due to demand we have scheduled some additional course dates for 2017 for beginners courses, river courses and spey casting courses.

Tactical River Course

The next course scheduled at Clonanav is an improvers river fishing course. This course is very informative and covers many aspects of modern river fishing including casting techniques and fishing techniques including nymph fishing, dry fly fishing, streamer fishing and much more. It is invaluable to those who want to really improve their catch rate on the river. To book click here

Introduction to Fly Fishing - Beginners course

This course is ideal for the novice or beginner angler.  Covering all aspects of single handed casting including over head cast, roll casting, shooting line and much more. It also covers basic fishing techniques including dry fly and nymph fishing. Ideal to get a good handle on the sport. To book click here

Spey/Salmon Course

Covering modern spey casting techniques using modern gear, this course is a must if you are getting into salmon fishing.  Detailing all the latest casts including Circle C, Snake roll, jump roll etc.  Also covers a range of fishing techniques. To book Click here