Flash Flood!

May 01, 2012

Most river anglers in Ireland have been looking for rain the past few weeks - and last night our prayers were answered!  We got over an inch of rain last night and it fell in a few short hours. This meant that most of the rivers were in flood this morning. The Suir, Nire and Tar were all up a few feet, the Nire was a raging torrent and will probably take a few days to go down.  It is bodes well for the next few weeks as the rivers needed a good wash out - and may even bring in a few salmon. Today I was guiding Chicago Dentist Mark Lundell a great guy!  What a day to be out on the river but we did get a few fish. It was hard to get into the water in most places but we tried a few secret spots on a tributary of the Suir.  The morning began with some heavy rain so we started off on my casting ponds - had a few fish there.  Then on to the river streamer fishing - the fishing was tough as the water was still really high - but Mark battled hard here are a few photos   [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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