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Trade-In Your Quality Used Tackle for Brand New Tackle!

  We all want to use the best kit and get the most from our fishing. However, each season technological improvements in rods, reels, and other equipment seem to get faster and faster. We recognise that sometimes it’s difficult to justify “trading up”, especially if you brought a new rod or reel just a few seasons ago and it’s still in good condition and working fine. At Clonanav Fly Fishing we want you to enjoy every minute you spend fishing. If you really want that new piece of kit then we are here to help you get it. Our approach is simple and straightforward: Come in and see us and bring the rod or reel that you would like to upgrade.  We will photograph and clean up your rod or reel and put it on eBay.  A minimum price is agreed to list the item.  When it is sold you will receive the full amount that we receive (less listing fees and eBay commission)from eBay in strore credit. This is a Free service to our customers. We will consider a trade-in deal on any good quality rod or reel that is made by a premium brand eg. Hardy, Sage, Guideline, Orvis, Loomis, Loop, Abel, Waterworks Lamson, Nautilus, Tibor etc. It must be in good condition, and have a reasonable resale value. You tell us what you what want to buy and we’ll make sure that we can do a trade-in on that new product.  Once your item has been sold on eBay you can then call in to our shop and use your store credit for any items you wish in our store.  For example you may wish to trade in a reel you are not using and use to credit towards a new rod or waders. We won’t always be able to help but we’ll certainly try our best. Assuming we can help, you’ll get great new kit at a reduced cost, you’ll feel good about recycling, and somewhere a fellow angler will be very happy to take on your old tackle. Everybody wins. With your credit you will be able to choose from the largest range of kit available in Ireland.  We stock or have access to Hardy, Greys, Simms, Sage, Loop, Lamson, Vision, Orvis, and lots more! It really is that simple, so talk to us now! Visit us in-store today, email Andrew Ryan andrew@flyfishingireland.com-

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