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River trout Fishing

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River Trout Fishing


We have a store based in Ballymacarbry Co Waterford


We ensure our prices are the best on the market


Need help or advice? Give us a call we are also instructors and guides!


We stock a vast range of fly rods to suit every budget. If you need any help or advice on choosing a rod be sure to email or call us. We also have casting ponds where you can test rods before you buy!


A solid reel with a good drag is an essential piece of kit. These dont have to break the bank so we have a selection to suit all budgets. If you need help or advice be sure to give us a call


Designed especially for Nymph techniques. Because of the very thin diameter and new slippery coating the casting is easy. Softness and lack of fly line memory ensure you’ll not miss even the smoothest bite! On both sides of the fly line there are small smooth loops for attaching the leader and backing. 

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