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Ireland's Largest Range of Fly Fishing Gear | Same day shipping | Call us +353526136765 | Open to the Public 10am to 5pm

JMC Yoto Nymph Semi-Automatic Reel

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by JMC


JMC extends the family of the legendary semi-automatic fly reels of the YOTO series with another model: the YOTO NYMPH. It has been specially designedfor the requirements of modern nymph fishing, where no classic fly line is used anymore but very often only a monofilament line.

In order to facilitate the retrieve of these monofilament lines and at the same time to protect them optimally from abrasion, the YOTO NYMPH has a ring made of durable ceramic on the underside, which is embedded directly in the frame of the fly reel and serves as a line guide. Due to the very smooth surface of the ring, the monofilament line does not wear out. At the same time, the extremely hard ceramic material prevents the line from cutting and forming notches in the line guide when it is reeled in under tension.

The YOTO NYMPH also features an enormous line retrieve capacity. This means that a full pull on the lever of the reel mechanism spools up around 2 metres of line. This is very practical for euro nymphing, because with this technique you always have to be in direct contact with your nymphs to be able to fish them successfully. When you get a take, this lever mechanism allows you to wind up any loose line in no time at all and play the fish directly over the reel.

This can be done with the additional reel handle attached to this semi-automatic fly reel. Especially when using thin monofilament lines or when fishing for larger fish, reeling in with the fly reel is much more comfortable than by hand. Due to its design, this fly reel cannot be converted from left- to right-hand operation, so that you must at least hold the fly rod in your right hand when retrieving via the fly reel handle.

The YOTO NYMPH also has a finely adjustable reel drag with micro grating, which is very easy to operate via a large and easy-to-grip adjustment wheel. With the appropriately adjusted reel drag, you minimise the risk of breaking your tippets during fishing. Especially when euro nymphing, fine tippets are often used to bring the nymphs quickly to depth.

The construction and workmanship of this fly reel are first class, as we have come to expect from JMC. Except for the lever of the retrieving mechanism, which is made of a lightweight composite material for weight reasons, the YOTO NYMPH is completely milled from a block of 6061 aluminium. The weight of this semi-automatic fly reel is a surprisingly light 144 grams. This makes it ideal for balancing the light and long Euro nymphing fly rods. The reel is anodised in an elegant metallic grey, the reel drag adjustment wheel stands out in orange.

Despite the compact dimensions of this fly reel, the spool has a large arbor design. This reduces the annoying memory effect and contributes to the high line pull. The capacity of the YOTO NYMPH is nominally a WF #3 plus 20 metres of backing. This is more than sufficient for the use of monofilament lines in euro nymphing.

A spare spool is also available separately for this semi-automatic fly reel. Changing the spool is quick and easy. The YOTO NYMPH is delivered in a neoprene reel bag.


  • Semi-automatic fly reel
  • Specially designed for euro nymphing
  • Ceramic line guide in the reel frame
  • 2 metres of line retrieve per lever pull
  • Additional reel handle
  • Machined from 6061 aluminium
  • Grey anodised surface
  • Lightweight composite pull-in lever
  • Large arbor spool design
  • Finely adjustable drag system with micro grating
  • Spare spools available separately
  • Supplied in neoprene bag