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Argentina to Ireland

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Last week I had the pleasure of guiding Alex Knull from San Martin de los Andes in Argentina. Alex is a partner of Patagonia river Guides in Northern Patagonia and runs their PRG north operation.  Rance Rathie and Travis Smith owners are good friends of mine, so I was only glad to guide one of their staff. Alex is based in San Martin, which is a beautiful town in Argentina, and has some amazing fishing, so it was going to be a tough task to impress this guy!  The rivers were very high, but we managed to get some fishing on the river Nire. Streamer fishing is one of the most common techniques in that area of Patagonia so he was quick to tie on a wooly bugger with some high water conditions. He had a few follows and takes, but none stuck on. The day started to warm a little and some black gnats started to appear.  We tried some small black flies and Alex managed to hook and land a few amazing fish. It was a pleasure to accompany a fellow guide front the other side of the world![gallery link="file" columns="6"]

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